It can sometimes be difficult to see the wood for the trees – having the right systems in place, and the right software, whether an integrated accounts package, payroll software or simply a spreadsheet package can be a nightmare to sort out, and very expensive if you get it wrong!

Starting with a Health Check,we can then


  • Provide advise on suitable accounting systems for your business that are not only right for you now, but will grow with the business
  • Assist in setting up the appropriate system
  • Provide advise on suitable software
  • Provide training if required


  • Pensions and Maternity Leave

    Pensions and Maternity Leave The Equality Act 2010 which came into force in October 2010 (and was strangely not widely publicised at the time) states that if..
  • Student Tax

    Student Tax Currently, students who are employed solely in the Summer, Christmas and Easter holidays can complete form P38(S) which allows them to be paid without the deduction of Income Tax.  The introduction of RTI (Real Time Information) will mean ..
  • Real Time Information

    Real Time Information (RTI Background ..

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